Restaurant Spotlight: Nara Thai, Mumbai’s Most Gorgeous Dining Space That Offers Delectable Thai Delicacies

Come for the food, stay for the ambiance!

Sporting the holy trinity of captivating flavors, enchanting aromas, and astounding interiors, Nara Thai is an exceptional dining destination in a posh South Bombay neighborhood that at one look brings to mind an image of an extravagant yet dreamy tropical vacation home.

At Nara Thai, you get a chance to taste the vibrant exquisiteness of age-old Thai cuisine that blends perfectly with a modern casual ambiance, coupled with the signature warmth of Thai hospitality and stunning purple decor. This is a perfect place to sample authentic Thai delicacies packed with piquant flavors that strike a deep chord, evoking a sense of culture as well as comfort.

Fusing a timeless old-world charm with typical Thai design accents and a color scheme of its signature purple hues, Nara Thai is one of those interesting places where you come for the food but stay a little longer for the ambiance!

As you enter, you see a sprawling venue with two levels, there’s a dedicated bar area that boasts of a marble bar counter with rattan bar stools and lounging sofas that sets the right, relaxing mood. The entire space also features two private dining rooms along with several cozy nooks that provide a great view of the establishment.

Coming to our recommendations, from their stellar curation make sure to try Yum Phak Boong Krob (Crispy Fried Betel Leaves), offering a unique texture, crackling-crispy leaves, and spicy Chilli Lime Dip this appetizer is a delight to both the eyes and your palate.

The Goong Tord Kra Tiem popularly known as the Fried River Prawns with Garlic is also a must-have featuring Oh-so fresh river Prawns that are tossed in a classic blend of Oyster Sauce, Garlic, Thai Red Chillies, and some Thai Peppercorns.

Their signature Khao Phad Samunprai (Butterfly Pea Fried Rice), is a Nara classic that never fails to impress diners and pairs very well with their aromatic curries. If you’re a fan of dumplings, you are for sure going to love their extensive selection!

End your meal with their Mango Crepe Cake, which is layered with the goodness of sweet mango chunks and mango sauce that alternates with sinful whipped cream.

Or you can go for the toothsome Chocolate Crepe Cake that features the richness of chocolate and light cream.

If you are someone whose gastronomic dreams are made of sinful sweet treats then you can just order their Dessert Boat off their menu and relish the decadence of their premium desserts.

Happy Dining!

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